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Rainbow Collective – We all can do something!

20Dear beloved audience, it’s a long time since my last post. I’m really sorry for that, I’ve been busy with a new job, but now I’m back. I would like to introduce you to some friends of mine, they’re Richard and Hannan, and their project is called Rainbow Collective. I’ve been impressed by their last … Continue reading

Sally Hewett: When Art is Not Just Pure, Unadulterated Filth

Contemporary British artist Sally Hewett has single-handedly changed embroidery from a cute retirement hobby into a modern, provocative art form. This is Not Art caught up with her about hoop art, feminism and how with the best intentions, art is sometimes referred to as ‘Pure, unadulterated filth!’… Your embroidery work is unconventional and challenging, both socially and … Continue reading

Where Theatre Meets Gaming: Block Stop

  What if you could tell a character in a play what choices to make? Like you were writing the story with them, or directing them like a character in a video game. What if you could make life or death decisions for them? Block stop makes these games with actors instead of CGI. Is … Continue reading

hARTSlane Space: when art is with (and for) the community

3 amazing women, Cristiana, Sigrun and Tisna  are running an art gallery for and with the community in South East London, in an area where a lot of artists are studying and working (thanks to Goldsmith University) but are also struggling to find affordable spaces to showcase their stuff. Sometimes London is hard and it’s … Continue reading

Comeback Special: When you are part of the show

“This is a re-enactment of Elvis Presley’s 1968 Comeback Special. Sort of.” Read the blurb for Greg Wohead’s Comeback Special, which was performed at Shoreditch Town Hall from March 22nd to the 26th. How does one “sort of” re-enact something? Shoreditch Town Hall is a space that recently transformed into a venue for contemporary arts … Continue reading

We, The Artists

I don’t think The Institution / The Government (hereafter known as The Man) cares about theatre. Perhaps that’s not news. Perhaps it’s just something everyone assumes. It’s an important observation, though, because it says something about society. It’s a whisper that maybe, just maybe, art isn’t important. Shhh, we’re not supposed to know that The … Continue reading

Screenprinting labs around the world: The Minesweeper & Serimab

Recovering from an amazing party onboard the Minesweeper, I finally go the chance to put some words together and introduce you to the amazing world of the screen printers. ‘Cause if someone already know what I’m talking about, I will ask you to help me, as, from the outside, it’s very difficult understanding why people … Continue reading

Can a puppet hit man teach us something about cognitive Dissonance?

If you ever wondered if a hit man puppet could teach you something about how your brain works, you’re in for a treat. I entered Camden People’s Theatre on Friday, March 18th excited about seeing a performance that promised to be a puppet show combined with a perception game, but not really knowing what to … Continue reading

Old Debates: Cleansed at the National Theatre

“I went to see Cleansed because I know that torture and brutality happen in the world, and I believe that it is crucial that art responds to this in some way. So I went to see what this production had to say.” The National Theatre’s production of Cleansed, by Sarah Kane, is causing a fuss. … Continue reading

An Arm, A Leg and (too many) other stories: Heman Chong at South London Gallery

  Heman Chong is an artist and writer living and working in Singapore. His work explores intersections between practices and notions of travel and exchange. His show at South London Gallery (SLG) is his second London show, the last being at Rossi and Rossi in 2012. Having never seen his work before, and SLG being my local … Continue reading

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Questa non É Arte by Diego Pillon Alessia Camera is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at questanonearte.com.