Flowers from the ground – Friederike Zeit
We’d like to introduce you in the magic world of clay thanks to Friederike Zeit, an amazing woman and artist we met at the International Clay Symposium of Deidesheim we attended with our friends, Sprout Art. And with her, we are happy to celebrate our first English interview!
Questa Non E’ Arte is changing..stay tuned!
frieferik-zeit-germany-clay-artist1) How did your interest for clay start and how did it become your own job? 
We had a museum for ceramic in town and when I was young, 11 – 12 years old, I got a weekend-job taking care [of,ndr] visitors. Then I study to become a potter, only later my interested was about sculptural works.
2) At the beginning, the festival in Deidesheim might have been only a little project for fans and local artists. How did it start and what was its escalation?
It was a spontaneous idea and international from the beginning. My international contacts where quiet good. So I started by inviting friends. I participated to several international symposiums and conferences. Later Facebook was helpful to come in contact.
ceramica-deidesheim-frederik-zeit3) Which is the peculiarity of an artist to be chosen for intonation? And in your opinion, which are the characteristics that make an artist essential for your symposium?
First is the quality of his work. Secondly we need to extablish  a good feeling. That’s based on my instinct and following up with colleagues for more than 1 or 2 years. Third the mix of the group, different ages, works.
4) We have seen that Deidesheim is a small village between hills, but there’s a huge community involvement. Have you ever thought to change place or to be helped by other associations? Big places or cooperation between associations usually mean a bigger attendance.
No, I think it´s easier to get help in between a little community and it´s against my personality to work with official paperwork.
Bigger cities include more competition.
5) Which is the most difficult part of the organization?
I decide and organize everything by myself. I think it´s necessary to keep the quality. But the role as a responsible organizer and to be in the same time together with colleagues as an artist is sometimes quiet hard.
deidesheim-clay-symposium6) Symposium is not only an exhibition, but a place where you can share and compare different ideas and experiences. Do you still learn something from the attendees?
Oh yes, I learn a lot. About behaving and force, different way of thinking, different working and mentalities and about my own ability to adjust to all this people. I become more tolerant, I hope. I love it!
7) What is the role of clay in contemporary art? And what about the future of it?
For many years clay was out of the question for contemporary art. Only famous artists could afford to use this material. But my feeling is that it´s changing theses days and we must stop to talk that we are different. We have to be self-confident. We have a role in contemporary art!
[Italian version]
Friederik Zeit on Facebook
Friederik Zeit Official Website
Gruppe83 Official Website
Intonation Deidesheim Official Website


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Questa non É Arte by Diego Pillon Alessia Camera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://www.questanonearte.com

Questa non É Arte by Diego Pillon Alessia Camera is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at questanonearte.com.


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